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16 / Feb 24

World Premiere: Pixium Vision implants the first epi-retinal implant with 150 electrodes

A major step forward in bionic vision for patients with retinitis pigmentosa
Pixium Vision, a company developing innovative bionic vision systems to allow patients who have lost their sight to lead more independent lives, announces today the first implant and successful activation of IRIS® II, the only epi-retinal implant with 150 electrodes, intended for patients who have lost sight as a result of retinitis pigmentosa (RP).
The first human implant of IRIS® II was successfully performed in January, by Professor Michel Weber, Head of Ophthalmology at the University Hospital of Nantes, France. This is part of Pixium Vision’s ongoing clinical trial to assess the safety and performance of IRIS® II as a treatment to compensate for blindness by providing a form of bionic vision and enabling greater autonomy for patients.
Professor Weber commented: “This first implant was successfully completed for the 58 year old retinitis pigmentosa patient. With the implant design and its smart retinal fixation, the procedure is close to the surgical techniques familiar to the retinal surgeons. After many years in darkness, the patient was activated and reported first perception of light. Per clinical protocol, the patient will now enter training to learn how to interpret the light signals.”

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