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16 / Mar 14

Savers and property developers are increasingly investing in crowdfunding

Anaxago, France’s most active property-sector equity crowdfunding platform, has released the results of its semi-annual barometer on property crowdfunding in France:

  • In a global market estimated at over 3 billion dollars in 2015 (compared with $1 bn in 2014) and with 85 platforms, the property crowdfunding industry is recording buoyant growth, driven by investor interest and by companies that are eager to finance and rapidly develop their projects.
  • In France, since the start of 2014, 48 million euros have been invested through 151 property projects that have either been completed or are currently being funded, an increase of 18 million euros for 34 new projects since the results of the first property crowdfunding survey published in September 2015.
  • Anaxago also notes a solid increase in the average amount collected per property project, to 320,000 euros now compared with 255,000 euros in 2015.
  • Already leading the field in terms of the number of property projects financed in 2015, Paris has reaffirmed its 1st place in the rankings with 12 projects launched since the start of 2014. Montpellier, in the south of the country, tops the rankings in terms of sums collected, with a record 1.8 million euros raised in 2014 by property developer Kalelithos Invest thanks to the Anaxago platform.
  • A new source of financing for property projects, crowdfunding also generates new jobs for every project that is financed: almost 7,000 jobs have been created since the start of 2014 in construction, giving a ratio of two jobs created for every new building.

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