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at the heart of your communication set-up

In a global environment undergoing substantial changes, visibility is an essential component of our clients’ activity. We strive to be one step ahead to impose cutting-edge technologies, disruptive innovations, distinctive ideas and different visions in the French and international media landscape.

Our expertise

  • Deciphering the technological, scientific and societal challenges. Thanks to our proven operational method, we can recommend the most suitable strategy for you to talk to the media and all the influential stakeholders that need to be won over.
  • Creating content, packages for every audience concerned, and simultaneously deploy them to ensure that you are referenced by influencer opinion-makers.

Creativity, proactivity

We customise, for the on and offline media, each tool chosen to optimise the visibility of your presence:

  • Interviews,
  • Press releases,
  • Press kits,
  • Press conferences,
  • Press trips,
  • White papers, forums…

Our network

Off and online journalists, reporters and correspondents
To create relevant press campaigns, our network is our greatest ally.
Firstly, journalists. In France, we are key players when it comes to dealing with out-of-the-box issues thanks to our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ environment.

Our international partners
We have a number of partners in Europe, the United States, China and Japan.
It is with these partners that we undertaken specific operations as lead agency: at NewCap, each consultant has international expertise. We choose the partner in accordance with their specialities in order to best meet your objectives.

Public Relations

Whatever the most cutting-edge technology, the one with the greatest market potential, we create a virtuous cycle of ambassadors, of opinion leaders from diverse backgrounds: scientific, sociological, institutional, French and/or international. We organise qualified meetings, we reference you in think-tanks, observatories, we organise speeches and other opportunities to make influencing strategies efficient.

About NewCap

As a specialist in investor relations and strategic communication advice, NewCap advises and supports its clients regarding their sectoral, scientific, institutional and financial communication strategies.


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