Investor Relations

Make your communications heard and effective with investors and analysts

Initial Public Offerings

Maximise your company’s visibility to make your operation a success

Media Relations

Enhance your visibility and highlight your expertise in the general, economic, regional and trade media, on or offline

Crisis Communication

Anticipate sensitivities to best meet stakeholders’ expectations

Stock Market marketing

Highlight your strategy and optimise perception of your company via multichannel communication

Stock Market operations

Presentation and exposition of your project to convince the stock market ecosystem

Individual shareholders

Ensure the loyalty of your individual shareholders through regular communication and dedicated meetings

Non Deal Roadshow

Meet new international investors to enhance your reputation

Graphic design

Adapt and use your image on all communication tools

Corporate communication

Define and deploy the company’s global communication strategy

Social Media

Design content with a strong impact in collaboration with editorial experts, and adapt them to all on and offline media


Meet with and bring together your ecosystem’s various players